Black Friday Safety Tips


With Thanksgiving always comes Black Friday

If you choose to venture out during this time, be safe both financially and physically.
Check out these 9 safety tips to help your shopping experience go a little bit easier!

…. Happy Shopping!

  1. Construct a separation plan for you and your shopping partner(s), especially if you’ve got kiddos with you! Choose a spot to always meet when you’ve lost one another. Instruct your children to reach out to a security office or an employee to have them accompany your child while they walk to your spot you’ve previously agreed upon.
  2. Do not pull out your form of payment at the register until you have been completely rung up. You never know who may be nearby, scoping you out and attempting to steal your credit card numbers and/or see that you have a lot of cash.
  3. Ponder ways to substitute a common form of payment. Like using prepaid cards for transactions to prevent your identity and bank account from being stolen by hackers.
  4. Only buy as much as you and your shopping partner(s) can carry. You can be immediately considered a target by someone searching for overwhelmed shoppers.
  5. Check your bank statements immediately and regularly after your shopping. Save all of your receipts and compare to your statements to make sure you aren’t a victim of fraud.
  6. Carry your keys, or method of safety (such as pepper spray, etc) in your hand and mentally prepare yourself to use it if needed when you are approaching your vehicle.
  7. Before you enter your vehicle when heading back from shopping (or anywhere during this season) be sure to peak under your vehicle, and inside the back and front seats before unlocking and entering. Try to only unlock the specific doors needed if your car will allow it. This prevents anyone from sneaking in on the other side of your vehicle. Also, keep this in mind when pumping gas at gas stations.
  8. Carry your purse or wallet tightly and closely to your body. This will hinder the opportunity for thieves to pickpocket.
  9. Do not leave packages or gifts visible in your vehicle. Hide it in the trunk, or take it home as immediate as possible.


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