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Neck Pain      Walk-Ins Welcome

At Back In Motion, our goal is to help you achieve pain-free living. Walk-in you’re always welcome we started by the clock and end by the patient without a lot of extra “stuff”. We pride or  ourselves on giving the patient the best possible care for their pain and injuries.  The combination of chiropractic and massage therapy allows us to bring pain relief to a wide variety of conditions.  Neck and back pain can be one of the most debilitating things a person goes through.  Dr. Soran and his talented team,will provide  the best care possible to get you out of pain and functioning normally. We may not be the biggest and busiest perhaps or have the best webpage, but our expertise allows us to provide quality care for your problems.  There are many ways that people get hurt from accidents and falls to just bending over picking up their kids.  Are focus is to get you out of pain an back enjoying a pain free life.

  Neck & Back Pain Relief

We have a philosophy of treating every patient is an individual learning to understand the cause of their pain. This philosophy allows us to provide short-term relief care without having to commit to long-term care, but this does not stop us making the best suggestions for your condition.  If you’re like many of us you may have low back pain that leaves you laid up and you have a hard time getting around.  the standard treatment for back pain in the medical model is bed rest anti-inflammatories muscle relaxers and/or pain medications. There is nothing wrong with this approach from the perspective of the prescribing doctor, however medications either by prescription or over-the-counter medications solution to the problem. The possible side effects of the medications can very from an allergic reaction to liver or kidney disease is taken in excess. We can help get you back on your feet and functioning without pain with little or no risk of any negative side effects.

Auto Injury Treatmentphoto (4)

Have you recently been in an accident or do you experience headaches, neck pain, back pain, or fatigue? Many of these problems are related to spinal injuries caused by an auto accident.  These injuries may not show up for many months and can become debilitating.  The proper evaluation and treatment is important in determining what was injured.  Many times may develop headache, neck pain an think or hope will just go away in a few days. Over-the-counter pain medications are a common treatment after an accident, but do nothing to treat any injuries.  Sometimes someone will go to their medical physician not knowing the true extent of injuries.  It’s often no-fault of the physician, as they are not always up-to-date on injuries from car accident.  Often the victim of an accident don’t know what or who to see.  Many are concerned that their insurance rates may go up even if the accident was not their fault or they don’t know what their options truly are.  Even if the accidents your fault, treatment for injuries is covered by Insurance coverage without a negative effect on your coverage. Accidents can be overwhelming and very stressful affecting all aspects of life.  The most important thing is that your health and well-being is protected and taken care of. Prior auto accidents and work injuries as well as a family history of back problems can lead to long-term spinal damage (subluxations) if not treated properly.  This can cause a wide range of problems, including headaches, neck pain and to degeneration of the disks, ligaments and the spinal bones.

Chiropractic care can reduce spinal degeneration by allowing your body to heal itself naturally. In fact, Chiropractic care was founded with that philosophy in mind.   “While other professions are concerned with changing the enviroment to suit the weakened body, chiropractic is concerned with strengthening the body to suit the environment.” Dr. B.J. Palmer, Developer of Chiropractic. Chiropractic care is the third largest primary health care profession in the world. It offers a non-invasive, non-drug alternative to some of the significant health care problems plaguing the world today. At Back In Motion, our goal is to help you achieve optimum health and pain-free living by strengthening your body, and helping you to adapt to the world around you without the use of drugs or surgeries.

Walk-Ins Welcome – No Appointment Necessary